How to Become a Storyboard Artist?

Storyboarding is an exciting and lucrative profession to explore. Storyboard artists translate the script and the director’s vision into pictures. This means they create a visual representation of the animation’s narrative.

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It is worth noting that jobs for a storyboard artist abound in the television, animation, film, advertising, television, and other media industries. They work closely with directors, producers, and scriptwriters to help visualize each frame of a project.

1. What to Do to Become a Storyboard Artist

It is pretty easy to get into storyboarding. You do not need a formal education and can get into storyboarding in weeks.

Although this profession is interesting and lucrative, you must take the right steps. As such, we have collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to enlighten you on the steps to explore the profession. 

  • Learn The Basics

The first step toward becoming a storyboard artist is to have a good foundation in drawing and illustration. Take lessons on basic drawing and design elements like perspective, colors, techniques, angles, etc. Also, gain a basic knowledge of story-telling, as this is important for a storyboard artist. 

Understand narrative technique, character development, pacing, set designs, and mood creation. All this fundamental knowledge will be the foundation for your storyboard career. 

  • Gain Necessary Skills

Another thing you need to develop alongside the basics is the necessary skills. Teamwork, time management, communication, attention to detail, adaptability to feedback, and problem-solving skills are all critical to being a good storyboard artist. This is because you will not be working alone but with groups of people like the writer, illustrator and director.

  • Master Software Tools

In the digital age, where the computer is a necessity in every industry, the storyboarding industry is gallantly enjoying the infusion of technology to create perfect and high-quality results. So, your inability to fit into contemporary society may create a lapse in your career, even if you are the best illustrator and storyteller.

Learn to use the tools necessary for storyboarding, like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Storyboard Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

Experience will build you and let you know your strengths and weaknesses. You can also capitalize on your experience to give you results that will serve as your future reference. As such, begin your journey of gaining experience immediately after you start learning storyboarding. 

Create personal projects and also do tokens for friends and families. You can consider doing an internship at a point. 

  • Build a Portfolio

Your portfolio is your first point of contact with people. Your portfolio contains some of your best works, showing people what you have done and assuring them of what you can do. Therefore, it is crucial that you create an impressive portfolio. 

Don’t hesitate to check out portfolio-making tools online to get trending and exciting ideas. You can also deviate from the traditional portfolio idea of putting it in a file. Instead, consider putting your portfolio on a blog, a YouTube channel, or a social media platform. This will help communicate your creativity and expand your reach. 

  • Network

Networking is an ideal part of making something good out of your career. The people around you who know what you do can be the break you need for many things. You can learn from your network and get tips and jobs through them. 

Relate with people who can help further your interest, like storytellers, writers, filmmakers, and animators. You can also join groups and online communities promoting storyboarding and related things. 

  • Apply for Jobs

After preparing so much, the next thing is to get into the job world and try getting a job. You can start with an entry-level job or intern to build your portfolio and CV. However, you may be lucky to have a breakthrough with some of the practice jobs you already have.

2. Conclusion

Storyboarding is a trendy and sought-after skill. It keeps getting famous due to its high demand in many industries. No wonder many people want to get into the profession, as it also pays well.

This article has made getting into storyboarding easier, as it has explicitly discussed the steps involved in thriving in the profession.

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