Construction site printables for kids

I’m soooo happy when I can announce good news to children. And today, it’s even very good news. I mean brand new category of coloring pages! This time we’ll be coloring pictures related to construction together. Are you interested? I hope you are:)

Construction site printables for kids

1. Construction site pictures for kids

Construction site is a place where a lot is happening. There is dust, noise and you have to wear a helmet. But it’s also a very exciting and interesting place because it’s where new buildings, bridges and airports are being built.

That’s why we decided that we must offer children such coloring pages.

It took us a while but here they are! Click here to see them now: construction coloring pages

Construction vehicle coloring page telescopic handler

Do you like it? I hope you are, because we have many more printables. They contain:

  • a crane
  • a dump truck
  • a concrete mixer
  • a road roller
  • a bulldozer
  • a builder
  • a welder
  • a forklift
  • a bulldozer
  • a demolition crane
  • an excavator

Print it all here: 30 construction coloring pictures

Have fun and stay tuned! New printables to be released soon…