Funny bad parking coloring pages

Probably every driver at least a few times a year swears under his breath when he sees a sloppy parked car that blocks parking from other drivers. Obviously, it’s very frustrating and it’s not surprising that it’s difficult to remain calm in such moments. But instead of losing your nerves, try something different. Today we offer you a slightly different solution. These are 8 funny pictures to print and put on a windshield of poor drivers!

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Funny bad parking coloring pages

Everyday life provides us with so much stress that it’s better not to be upset even more by other people’s sloppiness. That’s why we propose to approach the problem of badly parked cars with a smile on a face. Our pictures will certainly give bad drivers food for thought.

1. Coloring page for four years old

One of these pictures is a cute kitty with the text “Dear driver! Many four year olds have trouble staying within the lines. But maybe if you practice coloring this cat, it will help with your parking. Good luck!.” All you need is a piece of paper and some ink in a printer. And the face of a person who will find such a picture on a windshield? Certainly priceless:D

Link to the picture: Kitty for poor parking

Dear driver picture for bad drivers

2. Free spirit

The second picture shows the fairy and the text “Yes, I know, you are a “free spirit” and you wither when someone wants to impose rigid rules on you. Nevertheless, please try to park like a human next time.”. This picture will surely be perfect for individuals who think they are the most important in the world and don’t have to pay attention to others.

Link to the picture: A free spirit

Yes I know you are a free spirit coloring page

3. More pictures!

The two pictures above are only examples from the whole set of coloring pages that we’ve prepared for the most annoying drivers. Among them are milder and slightly more blatant reprimands. It might be a good idea to print them all to keep them in the car. You can also make stickers out of these pictures. We put them all at your disposal for free. But please use them wisely!

The whole set of pictures to be found here: Bad parking coloring pages