Life skills kids learn by coloring

Kids learn all sorts of life skills by coloring. Every time they pick up a crayon, they learn about the importance of creativity, sharpen their problem-solving skills, and gain experience trying new things. Coloring is also a great stress reliever. Kids can go outside the lines and change their color palette whenever they want to.

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Life skills kids learn by coloring

Here are some life skills kids learn by coloring:

1. You don’t always have to stay in the lines

This is probably one of the most important life skills kids learn from coloring. Coloring is a great way to practice improvisation and creativity. If you want to color the grass purple, go for it! If you want to extend the length of a dress or add a wild hairdo, you’re free to do it. You can also mix different colors to create new ones.

2. You don’t have to stick to the plan

If you plan to color a blue sky but can’t find your blue crayon, no sweat. You’re free to opt for purple if you’d like. If you plan to finish a page today but get bored, no big deal. Just put down your crayon or colored pencil and start again tomorrow. Life doesn’t always go according to plan, so it’s good for kids to know that early on.

3. How to take breaks

Coloring can be a very relaxing activity, but it can also be tiring if you’ve been at it for a long time. One life skill kids learn by coloring is knowing that if you need to take breaks, you can do so whenever you want.

4. How to be creative and solve problems

Another life skill kids learn from coloring is how problem-solving works. If your picture doesn’t look like it should, don’t worry about it too much. Just try some different colors until something looks right (or just forget about what color/shade something should be). Life isn’t perfect, after all.

5. Don’t always have a plan B ready

Sometimes things may go wrong. Sometimes there is no Plan B. Coloring teaches kids that sometimes you just have to go with the flow and see what happens. This can be a great life skill to have, especially when it comes to things like job interviews or other important events.

6. How to focus and how to relax

These two life skills often go hand in hand. When you’re focusing on coloring in a picture-perfect, it can be a great way to relax and clear your mind. On the flip side, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, taking some time out for coloring can help calm you down.

7. Gain strong mental health skills

Coloring can help kids develop strong mental health skills, such as being able to focus and lower anxiety. It’s a great way to express emotions and it can also be very therapeutic.

Kids who don’t healthily deal with their emotions may turn to drugs, alcohol, or other addictive activities to help them cope.

8. How to handle disappointment

Everyone experiences disappointment at some point in their lives. But how do we handle it? Coloring can help kids learn how to deal with disappointment healthily. When they are coloring and their masterpiece doesn’t turn out the way they wanted it to, they learn that it’s okay. They can try again next time!

9. How to follow directions

This one might seem a little obvious, but it’s still an important life skill kids learn from coloring. Coloring is all about following directions. Whether it’s the instructions on the coloring book or the specific instructions your teacher gives you in class, coloring teaches kids how to follow directions.

10. Problem-solving skills

Coloring also helps develop problem-solving skills. If a child is having trouble with a certain part of their picture, they have to come up with a solution to continue coloring. This could be anything from changing colors to trying a different technique.

11. Self-expression

We all express ourselves differently. Some people are more vocal, while others prefer to show their emotions through art. Coloring is a great way for kids to express themselves. Each picture they create is unique and tells a story about them.

Learn by coloring

These are just some of the life skills kids learn by coloring. Coloring is not only fun, but it’s also a great way to improve your skills. So, next time your kids are coloring, don’t worry about picking up the spilled crayons or markers, think of all the tools they’re arming themselves with that will come in handy later in life.

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