The most precious gift which you can offer to your own kids

How can we characterize the present times in the context of the individual and the family? Well, most probably not too optimistic. We have more and more effective machines and yet less and less time. We’re all racing with each other and none of us sees the finish line. Constant competition, a pressure of results, personality disorders, interpersonal relations transferred to social media etc. I don’t think that’s how we imagined the 21st century. We’re constantly forgetting that we can’t reproduce only one good in life…

Happy daughter with her father

We can reproduce money, real estate and other material goods. With today’s knowledge and technology, we’re even able to recreate the destroyed natural environment and mineral resources. But there’s one good we still can’t reproduce – it’s time. And yet, we usually don’t pay too much attention to that fact. We spend time often on things that don’t deserve it. As a result, our family relationships, friendships, as well as contact with children suffer badly.

Being a parent isn’t always the easiest task. But it can be the most rewarding job we’ll ever get. Provided that we’ll fulfill our role well. Being a good parent very often means that we have to care for kids more than we care for ourselves. Provide them with love, safety, and joy.
But in today’s world, we spend almost all of our time in the office, pursuing money to collect more and more material goods. As a result, we can’t offer too much time to our own family members. You probably already heard that many children have a stronger bond with their nannies than with their own parents. Is this how it should look like?

Having a healthy and steady family is a blessing and the most precious gift anyone could receive. However, it requires a lot of responsibility. Probably much more than most of us ever needed before. Responsibility for the happiness of kids, their development and the feeling of being loved. As mentioned before, even if it sometimes means sacrificing our own needs and happiness.

But hey, investing thousands of dollars in a college fund isn’t enough?!

And how about buying the greatest toys, the most expensive Lego sets or hiring the coolest nanny?!!

Let’s hope that fewer and fewer people think in a similar way. Because, as a matter of fact, all these mean very little to a child, if we’re not ready to offer him a sufficient amount of our time. But how much is “sufficient amount”? There is no rule for it. It depends on the stage of development and the individual needs of a child. But one thing is sure. Our time is, in most cases, the most valuable gift we can offer to our own children.
True love is strongly related to attention. No matter how strict is our boss or how much we have to do. A child needs a parent’s presence. Only in this way does he feel true parental love.

Happy mum with a baby boy

Why is it so important?

Childhood is a crucial stage in the development of every human being. We call it “formative period” for a reason. It’s time to lay a strong foundation of the relationship between all family members. We shouldn’t neglect it because we won’t have a second chance. Raising a child is somewhat similar to building a house. It requires a lot of time, attention, commitment and reason. And a house built on weak foundations will always be less stable than others.

Undoubtedly, the way kids have been brought up has changed substantially in recent decades. But a young psyche doesn’t necessarily want to follow these changes. And still, our love and attention mean far more to a child’s emotional and physical development than better food, fashionable collection of clothes, the latest smartphone or a big house with a pool and two fancy cars waiting in the garage.

Your child is one of the very few people, who really don’t care how expensive watch do you have. In fact, he prefers you not to wear it at all when you’re together. Even if it’s a gold Rolex…

Some things in this world simply can’t be bought. It’s worth keeping this in mind and wake up every morning with clearly defined life priorities.

Unfortunately, that’s not a very common attitude in the modern world. The constant pursuit of success is extremely difficult to control. What’s worse is that many of us have a bad understanding of success. When we see that the neighbor has bought a new car, we want to buy bigger, better, faster, shinier… And before we realize that there’s not much real value in it, we’re running into a dead end. We simply forget what is really important in life. The problem is that we can’t buy the lost time and the love of our relatives.

It is always worth looking for a good path in life. If it’s necessary, we can learn how to spend time with kids. It’s good to praise them for all good deeds and the right intentions. Don’t believe in old fears that it’ll spoil them. This is not true. When you praise someone for doing something good, he will much more eagerly do another thing in the same way. Moreover, experiencing such support, a child develops self-esteem and self-confidence, so needed in present and later life.

See how many things you can do with your child:

  • go on vacation
  • play football, hide & seek, chess or whatever you both like
  • help him with homework
  • cook
  • wash a car
  • go fishing
  • visit relatives
  • print coloring pages
  • read books
  • watch a sky
  • go for a walk
  • karaoke
  • draw
  • ride a bike
  • just talk…

There are so many great things to do together. These are just a few examples, but your imagination surely will allow you to invent many other great ideas. All that remains is to put them into practice.

When a child is small, he wants to do everything with his parents. But time passes quickly. And one day, we may be surprised to see that our little kid is already an adult person. And doesn’t have too much time for us…

Well, that’s what we taught him.