New 2020 coloring pages on

The last few weeks on have been very busy. During this time, we added a lot of new and super-cool coloring pages to our resources. What’s new waiting for you? Summer, Cars, Fortnite, LEGO, and many more coloring pages. Read on to find out more.

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New 2020 coloring pages on

1. LEGO coloring pages

Click to see: LEGO coloring pages

The category of LEGO coloring pages has grown by as many as 10 brand-new pictures. Now you’ll find here even more Ninjago, Captain America minifig and a cool police set. Also new are LEGO coloring pages for girls, including Supergirl and 3 figures of princesses.

Green Ninja coloring page LEGO Ninjago

2. Summer coloring pages

Click to see: Summer coloring pages

On you’ll find all seasons. This time we decided to refresh the “Summer” category. A lot of new pictures have also been added here, and if you haven’t visited this section for a long time, now is a great opportunity. Here you’ll find new coloring pages with ice cream, fast food set, boats on the water and of course lots of pictures of the beach. Oh why can’t summer last all year round?

Simple ship coloring page for kids

3. Fortnite coloring pages

Click to see: Fortnite coloring pages

Fortnite coloring pages are a real treat for all video game fans. It’s also a very popular category and we’ve added 5 new pictures to it. And they’re really epic! Are you a Fortnite fan? You just have to see them!

Cool Fortnite coloring page to print

4. Spot the difference

Click to see: Spot the difference

We’ve also recently added some novelties among educational coloring pages. Now you can print for free 10 new “Spot the difference” pictures to exercise kids’ perceptiveness and ability to stay focused for more than 2 minutes;) This is a great way to enhance your child’s intellectual development in a pleasant way. The new pictures have different levels of complexity, so it’ll be easy for you to choose a difficulty level suited to your child’s age and abilities. Moreover, many adults have a lot of fun searching for tiny differences in pictures.

Find 6 differences between pictures animals in love

5. Soccer/football coloring pages

Click to see: Soccer/football coloring pages

In some parts of the world, it is called soccer, in others, they call it football. But it’s still the most popular sport on our planet, and we just can’t ignore that fact. So what’s new in this category? First of all, the original crest of a few famous clubs. Apart from that, cool soccer/football logos and a lot of pictures with the players in action.

Football cup coloring page soccer

6. Disney coloring pages

Click to see: Disney coloring pages

And finally, Disney coloring pages – it’s one of the favorite places of all children on Now you can color 10 new images, including characters from classic Disney stories, but also characters we know from more recent times. And more specifically? There are new coloring pages with Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, scenes from Coco and Toy Story 4. And they are really beautiful, so check them out now!

Stay tuned! More coloring pages coming soon!

Toy story coloring page with Woody and Buzz