New Peppa coloring pages for 2023

With the start of the new year, we have brand new coloring pages for you. This time it is 10 Peppa Pig coloring pages. Download or print for free now!

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New Peppa coloring pages for 2023 banner

1. New Peppa coloring pages released!

We all hope that 2023 will be better than the previous year. To start it off well, we decided to publish new coloring pages for you with one of the most popular cartoon characters. It’s Peppa Pig and her friends!

Today we added 10 brand new pictures and there are 50 of them in total to print or download. Click here: Peppa Pig coloring pages to see them all.

The new coloring pages present:

  • Peppa Pig holiday
  • fun on the beach
  • tasty breakfast at home
  • the original Peppa Pig logo
  • family life of pigs

And many more!

Daddy Pig coloring page with George

2. Print for free!

All published pictures can be printed or downloaded for free here: Peppa Pig coloring pages

Also remember that under the coloring pages section, you will also find a quiz and trivia. It is a great addition to the fun for children. Every little Peppa Pig fan should check it out.

Stay tuned! More exciting coloring pages are to be released soon…