New Pusheen coloring pages

Today we have something special for all kitten fans. Especially of the rather lazy ones. 40 printable Pusheen coloring pages just debuted on and you can now print them for free!

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New category of Pusheen coloring pages

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Printable coloring pages with cute kittens have been around for quite a long time on For example, take a look at the Hello Kitty coloring pages, which were published a few years ago. Quite recently, they were extremely popular, but time is moving forward and everything is changing – including kids’ preferences. And today we’re happy to announce that Pusheen coloring pages joined us.

But wait a minute, do you know Pusheen at all? So for those who don’t know Pusheen yet – it’s a kitten created in 2014 by two very creative artists Claire Belton and Andrew Duff. Pusheen is known primarily from a series of comics “I Am Pusheen the Cat” and internet memes that are extremely popular on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media platforms.

Pusheen printable coloring pages show the everyday life of this cute kitty and its younger sibblings: the kitty Pip and Stormy. You can find here also her parents and a completely unique unicorn-cat, Pusheenicorn. There are also pictures created especially for Christmas, birthday party and Halloween.

What is very important for all parents, this set of Pusheen coloring sheets is suitable for kids of all ages, so even preschoolers can color them. We know that Pusheen (like other cartoon cats) is very popular among girls, but there are also many boys among her fans.

Free Pusheen coloring pages include as many as 40 pictures in excellent quality. You can find one hilarious example below.

Coloring page Pusheen with sombrero

Pusheen Printable coloring sheets are cheerful, optimistic and super cute! Perfect for a lazy afternoon accompanied by pleasant music and a cup of delicious tea. Don’t you think?

2. Top Pusheen coloring sheets to print

So choose the pictures you like the most, print it and have fun. Because now you can print or download them absolutely for free, as many copies as you want. Various difficulty levels make it possible for everyone to choose the picture that suits them best. Every child will be contented! And we’ll be delighted if you recommend to your friends. The more of us, the merrier!

Click here: Free Pusheen coloring sheets to start. And remember to visit us regularly because there will be more coloring pages categories to be discovered in the following weeks. Have a great day!