TOP 12 Coloring pages for boys

Today we present an article in which we will look at which pictures best fits the tastes of the male part of the coloring’s fans visiting our website. Below you’ll find a list of the Top 10 categories of coloring pages for boys. All of which you can find on our website. So if you are a parent, a teacher, a babysitter or for any other reason you are interested in this topic, I invite you to read on. Ah, and a little disclaimer: a summary of coloring pages for girls will also be published soon;)

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Crayons and a notebook on a table
Are you ready? So let’s start a countdown now! If you want to go to a specific category of coloring pages, you can find a direct link under its title.

12. Angry Birds

Go to: Angry Birds coloring pages

Stella and Hal coloring page

Number 12 on our list is Angry Birds. It’s a true phenomenon and a game that transformed Rovio from an unknown Finnish gaming studio into a global player and market leader. After many years from its debut, Angry Birds are still very popular, especially among boys. So we couldn’t miss them in this summary. If you want to check this category, just visit a link placed under the “Angry Birds” title.

11. Paw Patrol

Go to: Paw Patrol coloring pages

Paw Patrol pups to colour

Yes, we know that Marshall and his cheerful rescue team also have many fans among girls, but the vast majority of them are boys. It seems that the surprising adventures of little pups are more suited to the tastes of little men. That’s why we decided to place Paw Patrol on this list. If you like it too, be sure to visit the link above and check how this cheerful team is presented at

10. Superman

Go to: Superman coloring pages

Superman cartoon style coloring pages

Top coloring pages for boys and the greatest superheroes are like a car and a steering wheel, like a bird and wings, or like Tom and Jerry. One without the other would be incomplete. There is just no place for such blunders on Topcoloringpages! And who represents the world of invincible superheroes with superhuman powers better than Superman? The man of steel on our selection of coloring pages is the source of a solid dose of emotions combined with the action at the highest level. And we know that most of the boys undoubtedly like it a lot.

And if you don’t remember why Superman is so beloved, here is a little reminder:

9. Insects

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Caterpillar painting ladybird

The next category of coloring pages for boys that is highly popular is “Insects”. It’s not very hard to guess what you can find there. Of course a lot of small creatures like spiders, butterflies, ants, beetles and similar. And many young boys just adore interacting with these types of creatures. And when they come home they like to have fun with coloring pages presenting them.

8. Flags

Go to: Flags of countries coloring pages

Greece flag coloring page, sheet

Here you will find educational coloring pages – flags of countries from around the world. You will find here many different types of flags, but also some very interesting national symbols of individual countries. It’s a perfect combination of great fun and a geography lesson. Of course, all images can be immediately downloaded and printed for free.

7. Motorbikes

Go to: Motorbikes coloring pages

Fast motorbike to print

Another category we couldn’t miss presenting this list is “Motorbikes”. Print several pictures from this category for your little boy and look for sparkles in his eyes that inevitably will appear soon afterward. You can choose from all types of motorbikes like racing, motocross or touristic models. There are even a quad and a professional helmet.

6. Athletes

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Michael Jordan coloring page sheet

We’re going up and we just reached our number 6. And coloring pages with well-known athletes deserves its high place for sure. Here you can find the most notable champions of football fields, basketball floors, tennis courts, and many other interesting disciplines. Little boys usually have sports idols and follow all their steps. Who is on top? For example:

  • Messi,
  • Ronaldo,
  • Dybala,
  • LeBron,
  • Durant,
  • Curry,
  • Brady,
  • Djokovic
  • Venus and Serena Williams
  • …and many more

So an opportunity to get coloring pages presenting those idols seems like a very attractive option.

5. Spider-Man

Go to: Spider-Man coloring pages

Spiderman exclusive coloring picture

Spider-Man is another superhero beloved and admired by children all around the world. As a matter of fact, he is a true icon of pop culture. Spider-Man coloring pages represent what most boys love, that is, a lot of interesting adventures, cool logos, an unstoppable superhero in action, as well as his fierce enemies. If you are looking for such pictures, be sure to check this category and you will not be disappointed! Spider-Man is no doubt must-have for parents looking for coloring pages for boys.

4. Fortnite

Go to: Fortnite coloring pages

Fortnite Llama coloring page Battle Royale

Coloring pages for older boys have only one king and this is Fortnite Battle Royale pictures. These coloring pages refer directly to the very popular online game, which has been recognized by players around the world and has achieved incredible success. Coloring pages for boys Fortnite is a collection of printable images where you can find top characters from this game, different versions of the logo, and even weapon sets. We invite everyone to try them, not only players.

3. Dinosaurs

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Dinosaurs to print and colour for children

And finally, we reached the podium! Coloring pages with dinosaurs is another great proposal for the male part of the fans visiting our website. Often, huge and very diverse reptiles have died out millions of years ago, and yet they still inflame the emotions of older and younger boys. Therefore, their very high position on this list cannot be a big surprise. What’s more, a set of pictures with dinosaurs can have great educational values and stimulate children to expand their knowledge on the subject.

2. Star Wars

Go to: Star Wars coloring pages

Star Wars lightsaber battle

Proper selection of coloring sheets for boys could not be complete without the characters of the biggest space saga. Star Wars is such a great source of emotions, memories, contrasts and interesting figures, that it ideally blends into the archetype of the perfect set of coloring pages for a boy. Here you will easily find pictures of:

  • Darth Vader
  • Yoda
  • Princess Leia
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Chewbacca,
  • droid BB8

And all this in great quality and to be printed completely for free. Let the force be with you … and pencils too!

1. Lego

Go to: Lego coloring pages

Lego ninjago logo coloring page

Ladies and gentlemen, and the winner is… LEGO! Lego is a Danish brand of bricks that keep entertaining the whole generations of children, and sometimes even adults in many places around the world. In fact, it would probably be very difficult to find a child who has not heard of Lego bricks. On the contrary, it’s ridiculously easy to find a child knowing the Lego brand pretty well. And Lego coloring pages for boys available at Topcoloringpages contain numerous unique mini figures, fascinating vehicles, and even the whole construction sets. It’s definitely worth checking out! Lego is much more than just bricks these days. It is a global brand providing entertainment on many different levels and it’s getting more and more popular each year.


Coloring sheets for boys and girls are often two separate worlds. They can be relatively close to a large extent, but they still differ a lot. And speaking, or rather writing in simpler words, boys and girls often prefer to color other images and have rather different tastes. Hence, I hope that this article will come in handy as a good source of inspiration, hint or suggestion. Let me know in the comments if you like it or not. Or maybe you have your own suggestions and know other cool coloring pages for boys? As promised in the introduction to this article, the second part will emerge soon. We will analyze what are the best coloring pages for girls. So stay tuned.