The mysterious world of mandalas

Coloring pages are no doubt one of the most engaging leisure activities of the past decades. A quick survey online shows that it ranks high among free time activities for both young people and older adults. One of the reasons coloring pages have continued to thrill the fans is because it is an activity that has almost inexhaustible concepts and options. There are so many types of coloring books designed with hundreds of themes that give the fans almost endless options for more and more fun. One of the top picks are mandalas.

Hand-drawn and colored mandala

1. What actually are mandalas?

Mandalas are graphic and symbolic representations in Hinduism and Buddhism. They represent the universe portraying a state of peace and harmony which will make the world a better place to live. They are ritual symbols in Hindu that play a significant role during meditation.

2. Origins

The origin of mandalas can be traced to the ancient Asian Buddhist religion. As Buddhism spread to other parts of the world, the mandalas were adopted by practitioners of Hinduism who found the depths of meditation and spirituality with mandalas very intriguing. Currently, mandalas can be found in the western world and all over Asia.
Mandalas are very beautiful to look at, they can be found in spectacular radial designs, and square-shaped patterns which have attracted the artists who develop the coloring pages. You can find coloring books filled with beautiful mandalas designs. The variety of colors used to create mandalas, the curves, crevices, and angles make them very engaging designs to color.

Coloring page with mandala

3. Representation

There is no particular structure to define how mandalas are created. It offers you a chance to become creative with the use of circles, triangles, squares, and different colors to create a unique design. And when you are done, with an understanding of what the different colors represent, you can start coloring your mandalas to represent the life you wish to live for yourself. It is easier to let your creativity ‘take the lead’ in the absence of rules regarding the creation of mandalas.

One of the reasons mandalas have become so popular is because they have been associated with practices and meditation that promote good health and general well-being in adults and children. Some of the benefits of mandalas have been discussed below:

  • Stress reliever – mandalas help the individual to connect with an inner peace that helps to eliminate stress, especially when used for meditation.
  • Lower blood pressure – people suffering from high blood pressure are advised to consider meditating with the mandalas. The inner peace derived helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Reduce anxiety and depression – conditions such as anxiety can be managed and eventually overcome by regularly meditating and connecting with your inner strength while using mandalas. Coloring mandalas also has a soothing effect which helps people struggling with anxiety and depression.
  • Generate positive energy – you can get more positive energy to face the challenges of your day by using mandalas during meditation. Studying the mazes can help you begin the process of self-discovery and finding your true path in life.

Colorful mandala colored

4. Meditation and prayer

Mandalas represent a channel to a deep realm of meditation that helps practitioners of Hinduism connect with their inner strength and peace during meditation. This spiritual connection helps the individual understand the meaning of the different colors that are used in the mandala’s design.

Some of the common colors you can find on mandalas include:

  • blue which signifies calmness and respect,
  • white which represents peace and harmony,
  • black which represents depth and dignity,
  • purple which represents meditation, and creativity,
  • red for passion and strength,
  • yellow represents happiness,
  • orange for pleasure, progress, and energy.

There are also shapes and markings such as:

  • circles which are the connecting link with the cosmic bodies,
  • crosses which represent the connection between the heavens and earth,
  • triangles which represent transformation and vitality,
  • squares stand for stability and balance,
  • mazes embedded in the mandalas designs represent the path to individual discoveries

5. Self-Control and spiritual growth

The power of meditation gives you self-control to remain calm and protected from external stimuli that can mislead your path in life. Self-control as a benefit from meditation is also needed by people who are struggling with substance abuse and other addictions. They can derive the strength to overcome the negative energy that attracts them to those acts of self-destruction.

Regular meditation with mandalas can reveal a deeper meaning and connection with your inner strength to achieve spiritual growth. This is a practice that has been passed down from the ancient Asian Buddhists, and now more people can use mandalas to derive the potential benefits in our daily life.

6. Final word

Understanding the benefits of mandalas can get you started on a journey to living your life with a positive mindset. Some ideas to incorporate the power of mandalas in your life include the purchase of mandalas paintings which can be used for decorative purposes. You can also buy clothing that features designs of mandalas. There are a variety of mandalas designed tapestry that can be put up on your walls also as a decoration and a reminder to relax through meditation. And you can find time every week to engage in some mandalas coloring. There are so many designs so you can spend more time coloring the delicate patterns which include alluring shapes, and mazes. You can find them here: Mandalas coloring pages

Surrounding yourself with these representations of mandalas can help you to concentrate on its benefits and how you can consciously transform your life to become a better and better person. Discover the power of mandalas, find true peace and explore how mandalas can bring lasting positive changes to your life.