Top 10 must-watch animated movies for kids

Probably every parent who needs a moment of peace and quiet sometimes encourages their kids to watch animated films. It may seem like using the easiest solution, but in fact, such films can bring a lot of good to the shaping character of a young man. Of course, watching animated films can’t replace the moments spent with a child on reading books, a trip to the forest or just talking over a cup of hot cocoa. Nevertheless, the occasional inclusion of a truly valuable cartoon won’t be a deed worthy of condemnation. What is more, may even learn something new, important and useful …

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Check our subjective ranking of Top 10 animated movies with a moral and valuable message.

1 Bambi

The story of the sweet deer Bambi is over 70 years old! The plot begins and ends with a picture of birth, symbolizing that circle of life. Toddlers can identify with a fawk accompanying him in getting to know the beautiful world, finding friends and playing – the same what they experience on their daily basis in their own lives.

Bambi characters from animated movie

2. Cars

The adventures of Lightning McQueen is a true classic of the genre. Radiator Springs is a place that every representative of the male part of pre-school life knows, and Towa Mater is the only toy car that looks better when it is completely rusty. And why is this story a good choice when shaping the positive character traits of young people? Because it teaches kids that winning races, trophies or fame are not the most important things in life.

Cars characters Lightning McQueen and Tow Matter

3. Coco

It’s quite an unconventional production, where you can admire the lightness and wisdom of the story told, which tells about things as important as passing away or entering adulthood. This is an important message that even on the way to the top it’s sometimes worth stopping and looking at yourself from someone else’s perspective. It may turn out that the memory of past generations is not a burden at all, and ambition can be a source of strength for chasing even the biggest dreams.

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4. Dumbo

The story of the elephant Dumbo already has a beard to the floor, but thanks to the recent remake of Tim Burton, it has gained a new glow and freshness. It’s a universal story of friendship and gaining faith in your own strength, even when you have a much worse position at the start than others. You really need to have a heart made of ice, to not cheer for a small elephant, to whom mother nature has given slightly too large ears.

Dumbo animated movie screen

5. Fernando

Another beautiful animation with animals in the lead role. The most captivating in this story is the message that instead of blindly following the signs that others designate to us, we should rather listen to our own heart. We can also find here such values as respect for others, disagreement with discrimination or the fight for one’s beliefs.

Fernando bull animated film screen

6. Finding Nemo

This is one of those stories that will never bore you and you can watch them over and over again. It’s a great mixture of comedy with an adventure film that beautifully shows the strength of friendship, the process of growing up and the beauty of pure parental love.

Finding Nemo characters screen

7. Finding Dory

Actually, this is a continuation of Finding Nemo movie, only this time the main character is a pretty eccentric fish named Dory. The pastel-saturated animation is a real feast for the eyes. Wit and emotion are still intertwined here, and you simply can’t refuse when the lovely characters want to take you on an exciting underwater journey.

Finding Doy film screen

8. Inside Out

Another original story but this time for slightly older kids. You’ll find here fun, but also wise explanations of how emotions work: joy, fear, anger, disgust and sadness. It’s an amazing journey into the interior of the human mind. This animated movie in a great way combines an intelligent sense of humor with scientific facts. No doubt deserved to be included in Top 10 must-watch animated movie for kids!

Inside Out animated movie top characters

9. Lion King

The absolute classic of the genre. And saying “Hakuna Matata” arouses fond memories of childhood in many adult people. What does this animated film teach children? That you should always try to be yourself, take responsibility for your actions, not give up despite the biggest failures and don’t worry too much about what others think about you.

Lion King animated version Simba, Timon and Pumba

10. Up

And at the end of the Top 10 must-watch animated films for kids summary, one more beautiful and wise story. Hardly anyone who sees the balloons lifting up the main character’s house can hide their emotions. It is a beautiful metaphor for chasing only seemingly lost dreams. This movie is a completely unusual, unconventional and a true must-see story for slightly older children.

Up animated film flying characters