Top 40 dog coloring pages

Printable dog coloring pages finally published on! We’re not slowing down and today we present a completely new category of printable images. Dogs coloring pages are 40 premiere pictures containing: several different breeds of dogs, puppies, a doghouse as well as riddles and puzzles for children. Interested?

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1. Top-notch selection of dog coloring pages

Click: dog coloring pages to see our newest category of cool printables. Dogs are animals very close to humans and loved by children all over the world. They are also very friendly and faithful. Therefore, we should strive to cultivate respect for dogs. And dogs coloring pages can be of great help to this end.

Here you will find pictures of popular dog breeds such as:

  • chihuahua
  • dalmatian
  • beagle
  • collie
  • dachshund
  • bulldog
  • pomeranian
  • spaniel
  • poodle

Printable pomeranian dog coloring page

There are also pictures of people in the company of their dogs, a doghouse, and funny coloring pages with dogs.

2. Educational worksheets with dogs

See also our educational corner dedicated to dogs. For a good start, this could be a quiz for kids. And after that, read some fun facts about dogs. There you can find out, for example, that dalmatians are born all white, and their characteristic spots develop with age.
Also, print out educational pictures for kids like the one below.

Dog labyrinth for kids

Printable dog coloring sheets (click to see) wait for you. So print them all and have fun!