7 De-stressing activities you can enjoy with your kids

Stress is something we all feel every so often. A combination of running a busy life, mixed with all that life throws our way means that stress in some forms is inevitable. It is therefore very important we find ways to manage the stress to avoid its numerous negative effects. Below you will find 6 simple therapeutic activities to alleviate stress. You can take part in all of them with your little ones.

Happy sheep toy and a cup of coffee

1 Taking them swimming

A fun activity for all the family to enjoy. Depending on your child’s age, you can enjoy fun in the baby and toddler areas to introduce them to water. Granted, water can be a frightening experience for some individuals but the sooner they are introduced to it, the smoother the experience. Utilize the facilities on offer for the older ones – slides, water shoots, wave pools, lazy rivers. It all adds to the joint fun between parent and child. Water can have a tremendous calming effect.

2. Introduce Yoga

A great activity to jointly take part in. The act of Yoga introduces a level of self-discipline to a child. It also aids in their movement and coordination, and it also provides a quiet, peaceful space for all to appreciate. Such conditions are very conducive to better well-being and increased optimism. And stress goes to oblivion, at least for some time …

3. Mindful coloring

Sitting down and focusing solely on the simple act of coloring will promote an ability for you and your kids to ‘be in the moment’. Coloring inside the lines whilst acknowledging physical and mental sensations will encourage a mindful way of thinking. It will bring you all down to a level of being more aware of your immediate surroundings as opposed to living on ‘auto-pilot’.
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4. Visit a zoo or a farm

Animals are well known to provide people with a unique calming effect. They are used in forms of therapy for children and adults to help people through difficult times. Make time to visit your local zoo or farm and see how the simple act of feeding or petting an animal can have a positive impact for all. And afterward, print some nice set of animals coloring pages to strengthen the good memories.

5. Listen to your favorite music

Music makes people feel good. It can boost your mood in a matter of seconds. So what better way to de-stress after a tough day at work, than to listen to some of your favorite artists with your kids? They will jointly associate music with feeling happy. Maybe take it in turns to choose your favorite tracks. Dance around the room, or just sit back and relax on the sofa.

6. Bake a cake

A great way to manage stress is to create something tasty in a kitchen you and your children enjoy. Grab some ingredients from your cupboard and bake a cake or whatever it is your all love. They can maybe help with mixing and whisking, you can make it as light-hearted as possible. Maybe throw in extra chocolate chips for fun. Make a mess! Mess does not have to be stressful. It can make you all laugh. And that is what de-stressing should be about, wouldn’t you agree?

7. Relaxing websites

If you are reading this text then most probably you like to browse the internet. However, the Internet is a tool that can affect your psyche in many ways. Both positively and negatively. So refrain from opening news describing another terrorist attack, murder or car accident. Instead, search for news and websites that will put you in a positive mood. And it does not necessarily have to be internet memes:) How about travel blogs? Such topics usually trigger positive emotions in people, or maybe it will also inspire you to a new, interesting journey?

We all live in stressful times. Rather, it will not change quickly. Stress cannot be eliminated completely, but its level can be effectively reduced. The above methods are quite simple but very effective. Try them out and remember to use the most effective ones whenever you feel bad. Worse days will pass faster if you learn to deal better with your own emotions. It is difficult but it is definitely worth trying.